Here at Hoopes Tech, we build custom computers. We build our own computers with the hardware brands that we know and trust. Do you have a computer that's not that old that feels outdated? Let us provide you with a quality computer setup that will last for years to come.

Call us today to discuss how you would like your next computer experience to be.

Built for your specific need

Whether you are into video editing or 3D CAD modeling, we can tailor a computer to your exact needs. Maximize the value of the money you spend by letting us provide you with a computer built specifically for you.

No job too big or small

If you are in need of a single computer or computers for the entire company, we will provide the same quality build on each machine. Let us show you.

A computer for every job

If you are a growing business that is ready for a centralized server, let us impress you with our low-cost server solutions. Get a server with the options you need without breaking the bank.